Clean Power

Case Study.

The Situation:

With a lot of sensitive server computer equipment, our client was concerned about overloading their system with lackluster electrical power. It is a common mistake to overload your electrical system with various equipment that may not have been carefully selected, which causes spikes or drops in voltage, resulting in malfunction, underperformance, and, in a worst-case scenario, can lead to complete failure.

Our Solution:

After a consultation and a thorough examination of their system and allocation of electrical power, we came up with a solution. By providing “cleaner” power, we were able to remove heavy equipment and receptacles that are a common source of “dirty” power. We then re-circuited the system to pair the aforementioned sources of dirty power together, thereby minimizing their influence on the system. To facilitate this endeavor, we removed some electrical distribution equipment, added relevant equipment, and cleaned the overall system.

The Results:

After removing the dirty power sources, the electrical environment has been less prone to disturbances, which has contributed to lower down times and an overall more stable system. Finally, because the sources of dirty power were grouped together, the system has become more organized and uses a more intuitive method, which will create a more efficient system now and for the future.

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